Finding Human Goodness in Difficult Times - An evening with Dr. Steven Shippee

with Steven Shippee

November 8th

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Finding Human Goodness in Difficult Times: an Evening with Dr. Steven Shippee

Access your innate wisdom, compassion and bravery through reflection and meditation.
Nov. 8th - Doors open with refreshments at 6:15
Program begins at 6:30

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Humanity is in difficult times. Violence is spiraling, civility is in decline, the very planet on which we live is in escalating crisis, and many of us experience high stress, increased isolation, anger, and fear. This evening considers what wisdom there may be in learning not to dwell in these crises, but in first accessing our innate qualities of wisdom, compassion, and bravery as the ground for responding. Techniques of reflection and meditation will be offered as practical tools for connecting to these human resources in these difficult times.

The speaker and facilitator this evening is Dr. Steven Shippee. Steven is a theologian, professor, and teacher of Shambhala Buddhism who for years has been thinking about the relationships of outer and inner, personal and social, spiritual and secular. He believes that spiritual practice is 'just another trip' if it doesn't produce anything to alleviate the suffering of others and to redress the dysfunctional social dynamics that threaten us all.

Tickets for the evening are $25 ($35 for patrons). We aspire to be accessible to everyone. If the cost is unaffordable for you, please email Tony Garavalia at [email protected] to discuss alternatives under our generosity policy. The patron price is an offering to support others as well as to help us to cover our wider expenses.